Auto Painting


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Auto Painting Supplies

There are many supplies that you will need when the time comes for painting your car. Primers, paints, and clear coats are important, but they are not the only things that you will need. Protection is extremely important due to the harsh chemicals that make up automotive paint. Items such as respirators and paint suits are not optional when painting a car. They can truly save your skin and your lungs.

Masking tape is an essential part of the painting process. A good quality masking tape allows the painter to avoid getting any paint where he or she does not want it. 3M makes a very high quality masking tape that will not leave a strong residue when removed. Tape that is too strong and sticky will cause major headaches when it is time for removal.

Paint sticks and mixing buckets are also essentials. Paint reducers and hardeners are mixed in with the paint to ensure that the paint has the right consistency to be sprayed on and to dry. These elements are mixed with the sticks and buckets which often times have suggested measurements marked on them for convenience.

Respirators and paint suits are two things that every painter should have. Respirators are only good for eight hours of total use if stored properly and less than that if not stored properly. This is a problem that many people find out about the hard way. Paint suits are almost always disposable and inexpensive. They cover the arms, legs and body and protect those areas of skin from the irritating chemicals in automotive paint. Gloves and safety glasses are also suggested as part of the painter's dress code.

Paint guns are gravity fed and connect to air compressors. Regulators are put in between the paint gun and the compressor to make sure that the paint is sprayed at an even pace and pressure. Without a regulator, spikes in pressure could cause bubbles and runs in the paint.

As you can see, there are several essential pieces to painting a car other than the paint itself. While it may be tempting to cut corners, it's best to buy the right equipment and do things the safe way. You won't regret it.